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Welcome to our AI-powered platform revolutionizing employee training. Say goodbye to static materials; embrace dynamic, tailored video content.

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Onboarding and Orientation Videos

Create automated onboarding videos for new employees, introducing them to company policies, culture, and basic job functions.

Knowledge & Documentation

Ensure consistent product/service quality by training employees on standardized processes and quality control measures.

Feedback and Assessment

Use AI analytics to gather data on how employees interact with the training content and provide insights for improving the training program.

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  • 1 User
  • 1 Application
  • 1 Video
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per user per month
  • Up to 25 Users
  • Up to 5 Applications
  • Up to 50 Videos
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  • Up to 500 Users
  • Up to 25 Applications
  • Up to 500 Videos
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Automation testing addons

AQA Free

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per month
  • Up to 2 daily executions
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AQA Small

$CA 25

per month
  • Up to 100 daily executions
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AQA Large

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  • Up to 750 daily executions
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You can try both video and automation test packages for free. It will allow you to try all the features, but for growth in users you will need to buy one of the paid subscription plans.

For sure you can! For example, you can start from the Standard plan and then upgrade Premium plan if you need more users, applications, or videos.

Moreover, you can combine Video and Automation test plans in the most efficient way you will need.

You can save 10% when paying annually. That can help you save on each of the paid plans. Contact our sales team to get details.

You can notice every plan has some limitation on "Applications".

There is a simple structure in the Guidify AI's portal. Your Organization will have many Applications that have many Scenarios. You can think of your Applications as about a web service / website. It helps to structure your files in an effective way and see the analytics on your exact resources.

Another important structure element here is a "Scenario". It is actually a business case that you care about and cover it with a test or record a video guide to give your employees a documentation on exact processes in your Organization's Application.

Feel free to contact us and ask any questions important for you.

They trust us


I am thoroughly impressed with this AI-powered video training service. It has revolutionized the way we train our employees.

The quality and effectiveness of the videos created by artificial intelligence are unmatched, making the learning process efficient and engaging.

Our company has been using this AI-driven video training platform, and the results have been outstanding. The videos are not only informative but also tailored to our specific needs.

The videos are not only informative but also tailored to our specific needs, which has significantly improved our employees' skills and knowledge.

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Automated Testing
Automated testing

Utilizing cutting-edge technology, our advanced 'video generators' have demonstrated exceptional proficiency in conducting thorough automated testing. This ensures a consistent and reliable evaluation of the functionality of vital core business processes, contributing to seamless operations and enhanced efficiency

White Label Services

We offer the opportunity for your company to use our expertise and resources to sell our products or services under your brand. White label service allows you to quickly expand your product/service offerings and strengthen your market position without the need for in-house development.

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